WordPress Security Tips

Hello all , Welcome to digitalcoorg.  Today I will show you useful tips to make your wordpress website secure. You must consider these things. These are the things that you might not have thought about. Maybe one or two of them, but maybe not all of them. They all can make a great difference in your wordpress website by providing  incredible security that really will help tighten up your  website.

Few things that you might not have considered about.

  • The very first one is your user name and password. whenever you start to build your wordpress website , you’re going to be entering in your user name and password. If that is something you have set to a generic mindset, or very easy to remember username and password, you’re going to get hacked. There are robots out there geared to look for outdated wordpress websites. There are hackers out there looking to just be malicious  to take over your website . You certainly don’t want to be using Admin as your username and to have 12345 or password.
  • Whenever an wordpress update released, you can see, our website is out of date on the updates.  They released it with an alert saying, “Please update now.” You want to be sure to click update. Before you do all that though, of course, you want to have backups in place so that we know our website is secure again, and that we know we’ll have a backup in place in case anything goes wrong or breaks. Please be sure to go in, have a backup in place, and click update.  Whenever you generate a password, look how long this password is. They’re not expecting you to remember it, your computer will do that for you, or that you should be having a system that allows you to remember to automatically save that password. They need something in your database that is locked down, difficult for hackers to be able to get in and have. Make sure you don’t have to try to figure out a long involved one. It will do it for you now. Usernames and passwords, be sure that they are tricky. You also want to be sure that all your updates are in place, not just your core, but also your plug-ins be sure that all of our plug-ins at all times are completely up to date. Again, you want to be sure that you have a backup with you so that in case any of these updates, by chance, would break your theme or your website, you would be able to revert back very quickly and be up and running without any down time or any loss of edits. And again there would be some other theme update notifications, keep these up to date.
  • There are some other issues that is spam comments. These are comments people post under your blog with a link to promote their products or services. To prevent this you can go into Settings and go into Discussion. And make sure you have the option “Email me whenever anyone posts a comment. Email me whenever a comment is held for moderation.” Be sure that before a comment appears, comments must be manually approved. You can do all sorts of things where you are hiding certain comments if they contain certain words. You can black list certain comments with any sort of words. You can require that the user have an account and be logged in to comment. You can require all these things, and be sure that you’re moderating them. Go to your Comments section and be sure to approve or spam them.  If your blog using a commenting system or contact form I suggest you to use Captcha , where you have to fill in the numbers for the code and prove that you’re not a robot, that you’re a human.
  • Next one is get a SSL certificate, It’s about 100$ a year invest in that. Put that on your website. It is going to change your address to be https:// and then whatever your domain name is. It puts a secure lock around your website so that any sort of interaction that happens on your website somebody sending you an email, somebody typing in their contact information, somebody typing in a registration form or a credit card , all that is now a secure transaction coming through email.
  • Last one is backups. Get a plugin that automatically backup your files and database. You will have the option to set backup intervals. You can set that to be backed as many times daily or weekly or however often you’re making changes and you want to have a fresh backup. You can set that up automatically to happen with one click you can restore your website back to where it was.