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What We Do


With the connection we have in the coffee community from decades, we have access to more than 1800 trusted planters who grows both Arabica and Robusta coffees

We procure directly from them and add value to their produce. We believe that trust is the backbone of our success so far and we like to keep it that way. We give our planters the best possible price to keep the success growing and to supply the best that is possible from us.


After procurement, the raw coffees are further processed. Firstly pre-cleaning where all foreign particles are removed before it is hulled or peeled.

Later it goes to the cross beater huller or peeler polisher where husk is removed and from there through elevators it goes to gravity separator where denser beans are separated from lighter beans. There onwards the denser beans goes to de-stoner where finer to finest stones are removed and coffee is moved through elevators to grader where it gets separated into 9 different grades and from there each grade is color sorted and made ready to dispatch.


After the processing, the quality is tested and assured. We follow stringent food safety management system to ensure that our products are safe for human consumption.

We take at most care in packaging and the packaging is done as per the customer’s requirements and dispatched as per customer’s advice. It is transported with immense care and delivered to the customers.