Personality Development

Each person has his own distinctive character which actually begins to emerge from a young age. In 6 months age, most parents may determine the child’s nature. These traits become stronger between ages 3 to ten and after that they continue to develop through the teenage years. The view that every man or woman is born with his character has been modified. Parents must assist the child to come up with good habits and characteristics and a solid sense of self from a young age. While every child is identifying, parental activities can go a substantial way towards helping in the creation of personality.

According to psychologists, these character traits actually start to emerge around the age of 6 months when the kid becomes capable of independent movement. You will often hear parents describing their infants as sweet. As the kid grows, the development of character carries on rapidly. Vast majority of the main traits are manifested between ages five and 3 years. Kirby Deater Deckard, psychology professor at Virginia Institute of Polytechnic clarifies these are the preschool decades when the child is learning to take care of numerous new adventures and express his own feelings. They’re becoming more active.

Therefore it’s in this time that the major character traits start to emerge quite clearly. Factors impacting personality growth of children – what’re the factors which impact the progression of character in children? There are various schools of perspectives. A few of the factors that are thought to play an essential role are given here: Heredity is considered as an essential aspect. For instance, qualities like athleticism can be an inherited trait. Traditions are another factor. The conventional and ethnic values, its own symbolism and rituals will influence the behavior of individuals. Birth order is thought to have important influence on the character of a child.

A firstborn, a middle kid and the youngest kid will show unique and definite differences in character traits. On the other hand, a single child also has personality characteristics developed because of his/her status as an only child. But perhaps the most influential factor impacting character progression is this quality of parenting and childhood training which the kid receives. This is why parents have an essential role to play in developing the character of their children. Parenting and character development of children – As parents, there are a variety of things which you could do to help proper development of character of your kid. The first task is to produce time for your kid and this goes for parent.

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