Braina an Artificial Intelligence software

Here is how you may take a regular Personal Computer and give it Artificial Intelligence powers for free. Braina – that is short for Brain Artificial – is a virtual assistant that permits you to interact using voice commands. You may be thinking which this sounds an awful lot like Siri or Cortana, but you’d be wrong. This is not only a search program that is glorified. Braina may do much more, including: dictation of text dictation – Search the internet for information – Hunt as well as files on your pc – Play songs and videos saved locally and on-line platforms such as SoundCloud along with YouTube – Set alarms along with reminders – Carry out mathematical calculations – Automate computer controls – Display news on a particular subject – Read e-books – Join news and weather info – Braina also offers an artificial brain which may learn, process, and recall info from conversations you have with it.


Braina may learn from information saved in a text file in a list’s form. You may also send voice commands to your Personal Computer on the local Wi-Fi network utilizing the Braina application for Android. Braina is, undoubtedly, a take on AI voice technology. Braina is truly practical, practical, and utilitarian instead of being focused on gimmicks or graphics. I found its language recognition to be accurate – better than Google or Siri – and features it offers selection keeps Braina. The Lite edition of Braina is free to use, along with do not allow the lite word put you off, as there is a lot in there for you to play with, experiment with, along with also to use .

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