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About Indian Coffee

The legacy of Indian coffee set foot on a humble note, with planting of ‘Seven seeds’ during 1600 AD by the legendary holy saint Baba Budan, in the courtyard of his hermitage on ‘Baba Budan Giris’ in Karnataka. For a long period, the plants were a garden of curiosity and gradually became backyard plantation. The commercial plantations of coffee started during the 18th century, thanks to the success of British entrepreneurs in winning the hostile forest terrain in south India. Since then, Indian coffee industry has made rapid improvements and earned a unique identity in the coffee part of the world.


About Mesco Coffee

MESCO stands for M E Shoukathali Company with its inception in the year 1984 with the name Jeelani Traders who at first focused on jute material trading and in the year 1991 diversified into coffee trading with legacy in entrepreneurship. We started our first manufacturing plant in the year 2011 in Kushalnagar which is said to be the commercial capital of Coorg. There is nothing more sweeter than sowing a seed and seeing it grow with efforts and quality that match the legacy you want to build. With expertise and experience in the field of coffee, the company has been supplying its produce to places across the globe. Together as a team we are marching towards passion, growth, glory and lots of coffee. The annual optimum machine capacity that we can process is about 9,000 metric tonnes.

Our Products

At MESCO, Quality comes first. All our commodities speaks through quality. We directly source commodities from planters, process at our facility and bring it to you.

Green Coffee


Green Coffee – The proof is in the cup. Our coffee beans are made by the finest to give you the feel of natural and genuine coffee…

Black Pepper


Black pepper is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, known as a peppercorn…

Coffee Husk

The Coffee Husk is a fibrous product, which is obtained while processing coffee beans…


Cardamom is the ‘Queen’ of Spice. One of the most exotic and highly-priced spices…