7 Advanced Keyword Research Tool 2018

In this article, I’ am going to show you 7 advanced keyword research tool 2018. Today you are going to learn exactly how to find the best keywords for your business.

Here is my keyword research formula, that is nobody knows about. So let’s dive right in

The first process is to identify your customer character. This is a step that most people skip and it hurts them. So what is identifying your customer character actually mean? 

Let me explain with an example. Most people would open up a keyword research tool and type in things like SEO training and SEO courses into the tool. What’s the problem with this approach first off, as I mentioned before your competition is doing the exact same thing. Which means you’re going to run into the exact same set of keywords as your competitors.

But more important than that this approach ignores a very important fact about your customer that is, Your customer spends 99.9 percent of their time online not searching for what you sell. In other words, if you only target your customer when they search for the exact thing you sell, you are missing out on hundreds of other opportunities to get in front of them.

7 Advanced Keyword Research Tool 2018

Here my four favorite tactics are finding untapped keywords that your competition doesn’t know about.

  1. Go to Google and type your topic into the search field, before pressing enter wait a second so Google will show you some suggested phrases and also give 2 spaces before your keyword. You will get keywords that have superlative words in that.
  2. The second one is Quora.com, where people ask and answer questions on all and every topic. Same as the previous step just enter your keyword on the search field, you will see some popular long-tail keyword phrases.

3. Next, we have Google search related results. Just go to google and enter your keyword on Google’s search field and press enter. At the bottom of the google result page, Google will show you the related keyword phrases similar to your keyword.


4. Next, we have reddit.com. Go to Reddit website and search for your keyword and look for the repeated words and phrases. These also an idea for your keyword decision.


5. Next, we have Wikipedia, same way go to Wikipedia website and search for your topic. Then look for the links that are linked to other reference articles. And also look for the table of contents, here also you will get the best keyword ideas.


6. if you finally end up with some keywords that are similar search volume and high bidding then to get your final one, go to Google trends and search your topic. Depending on the popularity, go for the upward trending.

7. The last one is Ubersuggest that helps you to find the best keyword ideas for your content marketing. It combines the functionality of the Google keyword planner and googles suggest and the best thing is, it is completely free.


Now, do you have a list of potential keywords? It’s time to choose the best from your list by analyzing each keywords commercial intent.

Commercial intent means how likely someone buys from you using that keyword. Here’s how to find whether your keyword has the high commercial intent or not.

First head over to the Google Keyword Planner and type in one of your potential keywords. Then take a look at the suggested bid column, this shows you how much advertisers are spending in Adwords for a single click from this keyword. Obviously the higher the suggested bid the more valuable that keyword is.

Another simple way to size a commercial intent is to see how many AdWords ads appear when you search for your keyword in Google. If you search for your keyword and see lots of AdWords ads, it means that people are chomping at the bid to bring those searchers to their site.

there are two premium tools that get the job done. The first is SEMrush.com to find a keyword search volume. simply type the keyword into SEMrush and they’ll show you how many searches that keyword gets every month.  

You can also use kWfinder.com again just enter your keyword into the tool and you’ll see the exact amount of searches that it gets every month.

The last step is completely optional but it helps you find the absolute best keywords for your business. That is to look at your keywords growth in Google Trends.

For example let’s say that you found two keywords that have similar search volume and commercial intent, and you don’t know which one to pick. But when you look at Google Trends you notice that one keyword is growing in popularity and the other is dropping the popularity. Obviously, you’d want to go with the keyword that’s growing.

These are my 7 advanced keyword research tool 2018, if you follow the blueprint,  you should have a handful of excellent keywords that you can use. And once you have those, it’s a matter of creating landing pages and content optimize around those terms.

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