5 Best (Not Known) Marketing Tools

5 best marketing tools

5 Best marketing Tools

Today i am going to talk about 5 best marketing tools that you may not be heard of. So the first in 5 best marketing tool is

1. Super Metrics

5 best marketing tools

It makes very powerful reports, as it says ‘Less Reporting, More analysis ‘. Because you can integrate with popular marketing platforms like google analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, Bing, Twitter and other platforms.

It automates your manual copy, pasting CSV files. You can customize your reports in any way you want like combining and visualizing the report. Get Started Here

2. ClickFLow

5 best marketing tools

Click flow allows you to test the effectiveness of your every page to increase organic traffic without writing more contents and building links. There for You can test your title tags to make your page more effective.

Search is not about how many backlinks you are building and what’s your on-page SEO. Google wants to show the best results at the top. If the people do the search, most people click on second result instead of first one, then eventually the second listing will be the First one.

So the click flow  AV-Test your title tags to improve your organic traffic without trying to improve your on-page SEO or improving the incoming links. Read more here

3. LTVPlus

5 best marketing tools

LTVPlus have the agents to manual your chatbox. If you running an e-commerce business or providing SAAS service you might have a chatbox on your website. This will improve your business because LTVPlus dedicated agents manually manage your chatbox, manage your sales queries and conversions. Visit LTVPlus here

4. Bonjoro

5 best marketing tools

  • An easy way for you to send personalized video message right into your customer email inbox.
  • The easiest and quickest way to connect with your customers.
  • It is an awesome way to engage with your customer by sending customized videos to delight your customers.
  • Integrate Bonjoro account with powerful web services like Gmail, MailChimp, Shopify and with many others. Get started here

5. Profitwell

5 best marketing tools

Profitwell helps to find lifetime value of your customer. You always have the latest profit metrics at your fingertips and you can easily identify the lifetime value of your customer there for it helps SAAS companies to grow faster and reach profitability.

It provides SAAS metrics for your growth. You will be having all of your subscriptions and financial metrics in one place and more than that it is totally free. Get Started-Free Forever

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